5 Ways to Use Facebook Page to Grow Your Business’s Instagram Followers

Quora Question: How can I invite my business page followers over 10k to my new business Instagram account?

business’s Facebook page can be used strategically to help increase awareness and engagement, and your Instagram followers by implementing these five easy to execute tactics.

Please note that the first option is the only paid tactic, the rest can be done at zero cost.

1: Instagram Ads: Turn Business Facebook Page Likes, Engagements, and Events with Custom Audiences into Instagram Followers

It’s difficult enough to convince an individual to jump from one platform to another platform for the desired action. So let’s start with focusing on reducing any friction and reach them on Instagram!

I’m going to run over the three important steps for optimal conversion of Facebook Page Likes to Instagram Followers via Instagram Ads. Make sure to have your Facebook Page connected to your Ads Manager account.

Step 1:

Go to Audiences and select “Create Custom Audience”. From there select the option at the bottom “Engagement”. You’ll then be see a whole list of engagement options.

Options in Facebook Ads Manager custom audience section to select engagement

Then select “Facebook Page” and you’ll be presented with multiple options of who you want to tailor in your audience, along with the time frame of their actions. Remember to select your Facebook Page that’s connected and name your audience. If you have a large audience, 10k+ Facebook fans, I recommend select individuals that have recently engaged in the past 30 – 60 days. As they will be the most likely to engage with your business on Instagram.

Custom audience options for Facebook page retargeting

Step 2:

This should be self-explanatory but make sure to place your Ads only on the Instagram platform! Definitely use the Feed option, but you can also place on stories pending the type of campaign you run.

Select what platforms you would like your Facebook Ads shown on in the placements section

Step 3:

Since you can’t have people like your Facebook Page as the call-to-action button, it’s important to tell people to follow your Instagram account. Remember that you’re building an on-going relationship with your community. So make sure to tell them how you’re going to provide them value for following your business on Instagram. Value to them could be a giveaway or exclusive content.

A Webspearmint Instagram Ad shown in Facebook Ads Manager

While Instagram Ads can be an efficient way of converting Facebook Page Likes to Instagram Followers, it does cost money to execute this strategy.

2. Add an Instagram Tab to your Facebook Page

Give users an opportunity to stalk into your business’s social media platforms by adding an Instagram Tab to your Facebook page.

I recommend using Woobox. They have a free plan that allows you to add an Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube tab for free.

Features and benefits of Woobox's free account

By adding this tab, it will allow your Page Likes to view your Instagram feed, as well as follow the account. This step should be a simple win and a one-time setup cost.

See your business's Instagram feed with an Instagram tab on your Facebook page.

3. Run a Facebook Contest and have people follow you on Instagram

Promote a contest to your community that’s hosted on your Facebook Page tab. One idea is to have fans enter by going to Instagram and “@ tagging” your username as well as adding a #hashtag you specify. They are entered to win and you have created user-generated content to post on your social media platforms.

Some resources for creating contests include:

Contest on Facebook | Facebook: Different types of free contests you can use on Facebook’s platform.

How to Run a Facebook Contest: A complete guide to running a Facebook Contest. Wishpond also provides premium services to run these contests for your business.

Your Guide to Facebook and Instagram Contest Rules 2017: A complete guide to making sure you are executing your contests by the books, along with some tips.

4. Facebook Messenger Bot: Add Link to Instagram Account

Every day more and more businesses are adding Facebook Messenger Bots. Building these bots are free and mandate a technical background, mostly just mapping out a customer funnel. There are many strategies to engage users with this bot, but the ultimate goal of the bots is to have the user take the desired action. Simply add a link and a call-to-action to have your fans go follow your Instagram account.

For our digital marketing agency, Webspearmint, we use is ChatFuel to create our client’s Facebook Messenger Bots. This platform is free and has great buildout options, including the ability to add products.

Other messenger bots services include ManyChat (free), Botsify (free), OnSuqel, and Conservable.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business: A Guide for Marketers: Another good strategy for building a Facebook Messenger Bot for your business.

5. Post Instagram Content on Business’s Facebook Feed

This is a no-brainer. If you want people to take an action, then tell them exactly what you would like them to do and how to do it, while making it as easy as possible. So an idea is to share your Instagram content on Facebook and tell them that if they want to find more exclusive content, then follow them on Instagram. Remember to provide a link to your Instagram account.

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