Quora Question: How Can I Set Automatic Retweets from Selected Twitter Handles?

There are many social media management tools that provide an automatic retweet option but most of these require you to pay. If you need a free automatic, easy to use, and user-friendly retweet Twitter service I strongly recommend using IFTTT.

IFTTT has an auto-retweet applet that automatically retweets when a specific user tweets. All you have to do is create an IFTTT account, don’t worry everything is free!

How it works:

After signing in and clicking on the link to the applet above, you will need to click on the settings icon in the right-hand corner.

Auto retweet applet from IFTTT

  1. You can then customize the applet by giving it a unique name. I left mine by default. Also, you can toggle notifications for confirmation that the applet has run.
  2. Go ahead and add the username you would like to follow.
  3. Lastly, you can go ahead and customize the tweet text with “ingredients” such as text, username, link to tweet, tweet embedded code, or created at.
  4. Hit “Save” and you are all set up to retweet!
  5. After saving, I recommend testing your applet to confirm it works

IFTTT Automatic Retweet Applet

After saving, I recommend testing your applet to confirm it works properly.

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