Instagram Influencer Campaign Conversion Rate

Quora Questions: What is the average conversion rate using an Instagram blogger to promote a product?

According to Hubspot and GrapeVine (two very credible digital marketing sources) here are the average statistics you are looking at when it comes to an influencer campaign on Youtube. Working with both, I’m sure these numbers are very similar and may even be higher for an Instagram influencer campaign.

Total Reach: 283,674 users per post

Click-Through Rate: 2.34% (Max – 17%, Min – 0.19%)

Conversion Rate: 1.73% (Max – 32%, Min – 0.09%)

Cost Per Acquisition: $74.26 (Max – $663, Min – $0.96)


How to increase your click-through rate on Instagram

Specifically, with an Instagram influencer campaign, the lower the follower number the account has the better engagement and conversion rate you are going to have.


Source: www.socialmediatoday.com

Why? Because they have a smaller more dedicated niche compared to a large influencer. Plus it coming from someone with not that many followers probably means they aren’t bombarding their followers with ads all the time. Unlike someone with over a million followers, who are doing paid advertisements all the time.

Think about it, you’re more likely to buy a product that one of your personal friends recommends over a random person with millions of followers. It’s all about trust. So you want that average of 2.34% click-through rate to skyrocket? Do more small influencer campaigns instead of a few large ones. It may be more work for you, but that extra engagement and click-through rate will be worth it!

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