Major Changes to SEO in 2018?

Quora Question: What are the major changes on SEO 2018?

I wouldn’t call it a change just for 2018 as it’s slowly been happening for years. (Nothing happens overnight and nothing is going to change the moment the clock ticks on New Years). But voice search is going to have the largest impact on SEO in 2018.


Why will voice search have the largest impact?

It’s growing rapidly and in the right markets. For instance:

Voice search is also getting more and more widespread with the error rate of results, and voice recognition drastically decreasing. Less than 5% which is almost as accurate as humans according to Google (believe it or not, no we are not perfect either ).

With the error rate decreasing and the technology becoming more widely available prices have also dropped to get your hands on a smart home or smartphone device with voice search. I mean we all saw the Black Friday and Christmas ads of Amazon Echos’ and Google Homes’ for less than $50! Making it more readily available to people in society.

Digital Assistant Growth

Source: Tractica (Thank you!)

Obviously, the ones in the future are predictions. But still, the current growth has been impressive and has shown no signs of slowing down with price decreases and becoming more efficient and accurate.


Now, What Does This Mean For SEO?

In general, it means that the coveted, sacred, and so hard to reach number one spot will become even more valuable. Just thinking about it logically, for the most part when using voice search Siri, Google, Cortana, or any other AI assistant will bring back one result and one result only through there voice. And which result do you think they’ll choose?? The 13th one? The 3rd one??

Hell no! They are bringing back the first result. So now not only will the number one result show up first in the search engine UI, but also through voice. Further solidifying their number one spot. Because as more and more users go there (and if they actually deserve that top spot) it will further increase their Google rankings score, credibility, domain authority, page authority, and all that good stuff that gets you there in the first place.

So lock up those top spots now! Because it’s about to get a whole lot harder.


What Does This Mean For My Businesses SEO Strategy?

If you’re not already (especially for small businesses) make sure your local SEO is on point. Voice search queries are 3 times more likely to be a localized query than a general one.

On top of that, target long-tail keywords and let the big boys take the short ones. Voice is a lot more tailored to long-tail keywords anyhow. Think no one is going up on their smartphone and saying “Hey Siri, Fitness.”, or “Hey Google, Digital Marketing.”

No, they are using long detailed questions such as “Hey Siri, what are the best gyms near me?” or “Hey Cortana, who’s the best digital marketing agency in Wisconsin?” (if you’re wondering the answer is Webspearmint  ?#shamelessPlug). So start chasing those long detail keywords instead of the ones everyone is fighting over.

In conclusion, find your locale, find your niche search terms, and go at them with all your might! That’s how you win voice search in 2018.


Don’t know where or how to start?

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