How to do SEO for a landing page?

Quora Question: How do I do SEO for a landing page?

Basically what you are asking is because you have only a landing page, a lot of the normal content-related SEO strategies aren’t really applicable. Unless you want to cram your landing page with 100s of lengthy blog posts (would not recommend) you are going to be rather slim on content. And although content is king when it comes to SEO you still can have great SEO without a ton of it!

Here are 4 actionable steps you can take to boost just a landing page:


1: Make sure the little content you do have is high quality

Quality over quantity is always key. Google or any search engine for that matter will rank someone with quality, helpful, and optimized content for someone that has loads of unorganized, messy, and unclear content. Make sure your words are concise on clear.

  • Knowing exactly what you want to get a-crossed, clear and concise wording.
  • Make sure all outbound links are relevant and tagged with meaningful words telling your audience exactly where they are going or what they are getting when clicking on it.
  • All heading tags should be organized in a hierarchical manner, space out in-between content, and clearly, indicate what your landing page is for.
  • Create detailed and meaningful alt tags on all media letting Google’s bots and page readers know what your media is.
  • Use your keywords strategical throughout your copy and in headings, but don’t stuff!


2: Gain high-quality backlinks

To boost your SEO without a ton of content, your single best strategy to gain higher rankings is backlinks. Getting domains with high domain authority (to link back to your website with do-follow links is best. Do-follow links take that domains authority and pass that credibility onto your website. Hence boosting your domain authority.

The best organic way I’ve found to do this is either reach out to relevant blogs and other websites that have quality work and traffic and ask them to link to your site. If your website provides value, they will gladly do so. Either just ask or get into guest blogging. If you’re a great writer and work hard enough you can get a gig to write some content for someone else and work your way up to your industries lead blogs/websites such as TechCrunch, entrepreneur.com, or others.


3: Gain high-quality traffic

Instead of gaining high-quality backlinks which either takes a ton of outreach or time (but can be worth it), maybe you should use a social strategy. If you have a solid brand on social media (or you can build one) pass that authority, traffic, and credibility onto your landing page. If you can gain high quality and engaged visitors from social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) Google will take notice and start to boost your rankings because it knows you’re giving something of quality that these visitors value.

Don’t have a brand? Pay to play then! Use Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc. to gain those high quality and engaging visitors. Not only can these ad types gain targeted leads, but having traffic that finds your website valuable helps Google determine your quality and boosting your rankings.


4: Do the standard SEO actions

Along with having high-quality content, backlinks, and traffic don’t forget to do the obvious stuff. This includes:

  • Keyword Meta Tags and Descriptions
  • Good Website Speed
    • Minified Files
    • Browser Caching
    • Compressed Images
    • Fast Hosting (Server Response Time)
    • Run through a CDN
  • Send XML Sitemaps to Search Engines
  • Use an HTTPS over HTTP if you can
  • Good User Experience
    • Mobile Optimized is a Must!



Although you don’t have the usual option of creating tons of great content with just a landing page, you can still take actions to improve your SEO. It all starts with high quality everything. If you’re not going to have high quantity, high-quality actions and content are a necessity. This includes:

  1. High Quality and Optimized Content
  2. High Quality Backlinks
  3. Highly Relevant Traffic
  4. Taking the Standard SEO Actions

Doing one or all of these will help boost your SEO. Some more than others, but that depends on your circumstance and the quality and time you put into each strategy. Happy ranking!!


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