Which Social Media Platforms Aren’t You On?

Quora Question: Which Social Media Platforms Aren’t You On?

This question really depends on the context you are referring to. Please see below

  1. Personal perspective
  2. Business perspective


1. Which personal social media platforms am I not on?

From a personal perspective (21-year-old male), I am not active on Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat. I’ve recently done a social media audit of my life and really asked myself which social media platforms waste my time. As a result, I removed Twitter and Snapchat from my phone. I found these two platforms to be draining the most time, with the least relevant content. I currently use Instagram (Only follow personal friends that don’t spam and select idols.), LinkedIn (Replacing the traditional resume, extremely important for a professional network), and Facebook (Friends and Family to give an update on my life). While performing this personal social media audit I I friended and unfollowed people that post spammy or un-relevant content. I view as my friends evolve, so should my profiles and the network on social media.

From these actions, I’ve found to get a higher content satisfaction and generated more time that I’ve substituted with another hobby — reading on my kindle. Definitely not the most popular decision at first but definitely glad I did.


2. Which business social media platforms are we not on, and which should your small business be?

From a business perspective, it depends on two things. First, where your target market is. If you can check this box then determine if you are able to produce consistent content on that platform.

As a new business starting out I would grab all social media account usernames/handles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Business, etc.) to have them in case you ever want to use them. Also, so no one is able to take them and bad mouth your business. I recommend filling out the profile information (bio, link to website/mobile app, profile image, etc.) for all the platforms even if you don’t use the platform because if someone happens to stumble upon your profile you are able to generate a few link clicks.

From my experience of building startups social media following from 0 to 30,000+ all organic followers across all platforms in 6 months. I’ve learned that it’s better to be more effective on fewer platforms for the sake of ROI and time.

Below are the various social media platforms and the audiences that are on those platforms. Followed by the type of content that should be consistently published on those platforms. If you check these two boxes then that social media platform might be for your business.


The main social media platforms and their audiences:

Twitter: Recommended for larger companies that have a lot customer service requests as a contact for people to reach out. Also recommended for businesses that have a blog or any updates for their community. For demographics, recommended for businesses outside the United States with 79% outside.

Snapchat: Companies that create unique video content, releasing behind the scenes footage, new collections, or interviews with influencers. Recommend if you are targeting consumers under the age of 24.

Facebook: Companies that produce professional content that is personal to the business, a story, video, motivational, humorous, or business informative. Recommend using this platform for American men and women age 18–45.

Instagram: Companies that can humanize their business through videos and many unique images. Quality, quality, quality is key to Instagram. With constant algorithm changes, engagement ratios are key for successful community building. Recommended for ages 18–29 (55% of users) and 30–49 (28% of users).

Pinterest: Companies that have a product that includes art, fashion, crafts, home decor, food, or any you can take stunning images of should use Pinterest. As expected, Pinterest is dominated by women. 42% of online women are Pinterest users while 34% of users are between the ages of 18–29 and 28% are between 30–49.

I’d see if you can check the two boxes and if you have more than 2 platforms I would rank the platforms based on time to create an audience and potential ROI from the platform.

If you would like further specific information on your type of business please contact me. I’d be happy to help.


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