For SEO, Should You Update Content or Add New Pages?

Quora Question: In SEO speaking, is it better to add new content by creating a new page, or is it better to add it to the already existing pages?


When It’s Best To Update Content

If the subjects of the new and old content are around the same exact subject. This is important than just to update the existing content. If you added a new page focusing on the same exact topic and targeting the same keywords the two pages would be fighting each other. On top of that search engine crawlers frown upon duplicate pages and content due to its spammy nature.


When It’s Best To Create New Content

If they are completely different subjects (obviously) or if they are around the same subject but touch on different parts inside of that subject. (ex: a post for SEO for landing pages and a post for SEO for e-commerce sites. Same overall subject of SEO, but focusing on different parts inside of SEO) The best way to go around this for optimal SEO is to create pillar or parent pages. In my example above you would create a page with all your different categories (SEO, Web design, Social Media Marketing, etc.). Then inside of your SEO page, you would have all your posts on that topic. Or you could even have sub-categories on this page and the posts in the next. This makes it extremely user and crawler friendly. Making it easy to navigate and understand the hierarchal structure of your website. The clearer your structure is for search engine crawlers, the better.


Longer and Consistently Updated Content is Better

One more quick side note that should be mentioned is that longer content is generally better than shorter. Obviously, the content is king so high-quality content is the most important factor. But fewer longer more in-depth posts lead to higher rankings on search engines. Why? Because the more in-depth you get into a specific subject the more useful information you have on that page.

Also consistently updating content improves SEO. When content is updated this signals to search engine’s that your content, facts, information, and links are up to date and current. The newer and more relevant your content is to now rather than a year or two ago, the better you’ll rank.

average content length of top 10 results seo

Source: SerpIQ



When in doubt and the subjects are similar it’s always best to update and continue to elaborate on the old content than creating a new page. This is to avoid duplicate content, pages fighting each other, and being marked as spam. It’s also conclusive to higher rankings due to the content being longer, more in-depth, and up to date.


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