Organic Social Media Marketing

From 500 followers to over 35,000 organic followers in 12 months!

YachtLife (YachtLife.com) is a client of our social media content curation, and community growing/management. When we started working with YachtLife they had less than 500 followers combined across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our organic social media strategy consisted of learning the industry through competitors and establishing a positioning strategy for each platform. We executed this positioning by consistently curating content that informed, promoted, and expressed the value of YachtLife to potential users. This project was completely remote and made us adapt extremely quickly to the luxury yachting industry.

A few key statistics that have been achieved since working with YachtLife include over 35,000 organic followers across all platforms — 15,500+ Instagram, 18,000+ Twitter, 4,000+ Facebook. In a 12-month time period, we have curated over 6,000 CTA link clicks to YachtLife’s mobile app download page. Another statistic we are proud of was an on-average 30% post engagement rate (# of engagements per post/ # of impressions per post) on Instagram.


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December 6, 2018

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